HGTV…the rant.

So, being the nerd that I am, I tend to indulge in a lot of shows…and sometimes it can be embarrassing, to the point of me not necessarily sharing my love of them with many people.  Anyway, staying on point, HGTV is a channel I watch maybe a little more often than is healthy.  I’m guilty of DVRing House Hunters and Color Splash.  And Deserving Design (damn you, Vern Yip).  But lately, HGTV’s really been (for lack of a better term) gaying it up lately with their newest commercial chain.

You know, the ones where he sings about the stars leading him home?  Man.  It really reached an all time low today.  It was a full song, and there were stressed businessmen & women, holding their blueprints at work and looking frustrated in elevators while this guy sang and sang and then suddenly, yep, the stars lead them home.  And all of a sudden they’re in the room with their paint-splattered kids who painted pictures of (wait for it) their house.  That’s right.

I mean, really?  Are we going there?  Well, after doing some research, apparently, we are.  Being 25, as I am, I’m at the low portion of the 25-54 female age demographic of viewers.  So, maybe I’m asking for it.  But why should the pleasure that David Bromstad brings me come with so much pain?

According to an HGTV blog, most people like it.

Imagine that.


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